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Alicia Matene


Ko Tainui toku Waka: My Waka is Tainui;
Ko Te Wehiwehi toku Rangatira: Te Wehiwehi is my Paramount Chief;
Ko Taupiri toku Maunga: My Mountain is Taupiri;
Ko Waipa toku Awa: My River is the Waipa;
Ko Waikato toku Iwi: Waikato is my Tribe;
Ko Ngati Te Wehiwehi toku Hapuu: Ngati Te Wehiwehi is my Sub-Tribe;
Tihei Mauriora!! The breath of Life is with me!!


Mrs Alicia Matene is one of the founding members of TRA and has been the Senior Vice-President for ten years.  Mrs Matene and her family immigrated to Australia over 25 years ago, she along with the other founding member also recognised that resources and support for New Zealanders was either limited or non existent.

This paved the way toward the establishment of TRA and addresses some of the needs of Polynesians in Victoria particularly in the area of cultural heritage and community strengthening.

Mrs Matene remains driven, and eagerly emphasises the importance of education for minority groups and Indigenous people by example; successfully completing her Bachelor of Arts Degree, a Diploma in Public Sector Administration, completing several training certificates and numerous training courses.


  • Outstanding Volunteers Service (Air Marshall Sir James Rowland Award 2011)
  • Citizen of the Year (City of Brimbank 2005)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Comm; Pof Writing; Psych)
  • Diploma of Public Sector Administration
  • Certificate IV Assessment & Workplace Training
  • Certificate III Management
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Christine Sevita


Mrs Christine Sevita has been TRA’s Treasurer for over six years and has lived in Australia for twenty years. Mrs Sevita is of Samoan descent and proudly acknowledges her “Kiwi ties”.

Mrs Sevita has an extensive background in finance; she is able to provide support and advice in most areas of finance. She is also an avid supporter and member of the Werribee Rugby League Association.