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Our Community Portfolio


Te Roopu Atawhai stands at the forefront in providing community services that cater specifically for Maori and other Polynesian ethnic groups that form the wider Polynesian Community.

With strong links to various Polynesian and New Zealand communities in Victoria, TRA is uniquely situated to provide external networks including:

  • Polynesian Community Events and Notices,
  • Funeral Information Services,
  • Community Polls and Opinions
  • “Moving to Australia” Advice Services

Government Links

Use the Government links below  to get connected with various Government services, programs, initiatives and Departments.

We have also conveniently added Local Council links to keep you informed of Council Specific initiatives, legislation, grants, services and festivals and events. Visit them today to find out how you can contribute and be apart of your community development plan.

Community Contacts

Keep up to date with the latest events in your Polynesian community, and connect with other like-minded families and organisations.

The community links below, will connect you with various service providers and the information you need to access that service. You will also find helpful tips and information on Polynesian services you may never knew existed, as well as further links to other related issues and websites.

Our Polynesian Services

There are many services in Victoria that are especially suited for Polynesians of all descents.

However, please be advised that vast majority of these services are only extended to:
Australian Citizens
Permanent Residents of Australia
Special Visa Category Holders
New Zealand Arrivals pre & post 2001

Community Services

Community Links & Connections

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