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Under the “Arts” branch of the extensive Te Roopu Atawhai Network, Studio Atawhai stands at the forefront of providing a platform for Maori artists of all mediums, to promote and showcase excellence in traditionally made Maori Arts & Crafts including Weaving, Carving, Taa Moko, Sculpture, Language and History

With a sincere focus on the contemporary application of traditionally made Maori craft, Studio Atawhai will be the first of its kind in Australia in providing an exhaustive range of Maori Cultural Artefacts in all its forms, including Woven, Painted, Sculptured and Carved Products of the highest quality made exclusively in Australia.

Traditional Creative Arts Services

  • Traditional Maori Weaving

    Studio Atawhai’s primary facilitator and tutor, Shona Te Hau, was first taught to weave using traditional methods as handed down from generation to generation. She was taught to do everything with all manner of tapu to be considered whilst harvesting, preparing and weaving.

    The 21st century has since liberated a great deal of tapu surrounding weaving, and Shona in conjunction with Studio Atawhai, has now embarked upon a bold plan to bring Maori cultural weaving to the masses.

  • Weaving Classes

    Studio Atawhai facilitates a wide variety of Flax weaving and Taniko classes that are catered specifically for your skill level. From the basic beginners classes, Studio Atawhai will develop, nurture and support your weaving skill through to the completion of the Master Class workshops.

    One on One classes are also available and highly desired for those weavers that are unable to make normal class times. Please speak with our friendly staff regarding class times and dates that better suit you and your availability.

  • Membership Discounts

    Studio Atawhai is now offering added value to members of Te Roopu Atawhai Inc., by offering discounts on all classes (weaving, taniko and carving) that will be offered through Studio Atawhai.

    So ask a Studio Atawhai representative for a Te Roopu Atawhai Membership Form and become a member today and you will automatically qualify for significant membership discounts.

Traditional Creative Arts Gallery

Our Traditional Creative Arts Consultants

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