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Our Health & Wellness Portfolio


Due to the steadily increasing Polynesian populations throughout Victoria and Australia, TRA recognises that Polynesian health issues must be addressed now, and especially while issues and resources required to sustain them are relatively minor. TRA recognises that Polynesian communities must begin to formulate a professional Health Development portfolio that incorporates a Health Strategy that sets the direction for Polynesian Health Development.

Over the next couple of years, TRA will begin a series of ‘Polynesian Health’ surveys (PHS), that will enable crucial data to be collected regarding Polynesian accessibility, availability, suitability and costs of the current Health Care Systems for Polynesians.

In-conjunction with the information collected from the PHS’s, TRA hopes to provide a strategy and a framework for Polynesians to take responsibility for supporting the health status of their own family & communities.

Health Framework

Health Strategy

Family Health will be at the forefront of this portfolio’s strategic plan, with a vision to assist the Health Sector and Government Sectors devise suitable policy and procedure that incorporates Polynesian communities to improve their health and quality of life and to reduce disparities with other Australians.

It will also encourage all agencies and organisations involved in health to work together to create a system with defined processes and mechanisms to achieve improved outcomes and challenges families to shape and direct their own health entitlements.

Health Action Plan

Our Action Plan will outline the first two to three years of implementation and specify the roles, responsibilities, performance expectations, measures and initiatives for achieving the our health strategy.

This in of itself will create strong opportunities for Polynesian communities to contribute to future endeavors, projects and activities of their community health portfolio. Strengthening the Health of our Polynesian community also forms part of the TRA Community Mandate.

Health Services

Initially, TRA will kick start the portfolio with these Polynesian health services:

  • Childcare,
  • Birthing Clinics,
  • Elderly Care,
  • Nursing Care.

Other specialised care including:

  • Miri miri,
  • Lomi lomi,
  • Reiki and other alternative treatments.

Health Strategy

Our Health Strategy includes:

  • Policies & procedure,
  • facilities, venue, offices, theaters etc…
  • staff &, volunteers, remuneration and TAX
  • OH&S, Superannuation, liquidity and solvency;
  • Professional development, management efficiency and cost effectiveness;
  • insurance cover sufficient and compliant with the ACT;
  • review of contract documents, terms and conditions/service, financial reporting and income arrears;
  • program and corporate management in light of available resources challenges & best practice approaches to portfolio development;
  • prepare & maintain portfolio by conducting research and analysis for reports ranging from literary background to working with budgets for major projects;
  • preparing briefing material for conferences and ministerial visits;
  • applying legislation, analysing and evaluating policy and working on briefings, speeches, reports, letters, agendas and minutes;
  • liaising with State and Territory Offices and undertaking secretariat work including attending meetings interstate, and Working with other health professionals to organise events and networking opportunities.

Support Systems Include:

  • building on the integral strengths and assets of family, encouraging family development, supporting policies that actively promote family wellbeing;
  • quality education, employment opportunities, suitable housing, safe working conditions, improvements in income and wealth, and addressing systemic barriers including institutional racism;
  • a system where ongoing monitoring and evaluation is required to ensure that the interventions are achieving the desired outcomes for families;
  • refinement and evaluation over time to address the changing needs of Polynesian communities in the achievement of a healthier community;
  • new structures that encourage Polynesians to determine their own aspirations and priorities for physical, emotional and spiritual health, and provide mechanisms for ensuring these are taken into account in the planning and delivery of services;
  • involve Polynesian in their decision-making and service delivery to support effective Polynesian involvement;
  • moves to strengthen the capability of Polynesian communities to develop initiatives that meet their needs across the social, cultural and economic sectors.

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